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Ardent Impressions® Launches Range of PhRMA Approvable Promotions

Overcomes Marketing Restrictions of the New Voluntary PhRMA Guidelines

HCEA, Tampa, FL – June 15, 2009 – Ardent Impressions Inc announced a range of new medical promotions, all acceptable under the new PhRMA guidelines. Several pilot promotions conducted with large pharmaceutical clients proved successful in helping them achieve their lead capture and brand development goals, retaining the creative, popular appeal that Ardent is known for.

Ardent now delivers innovative and approvable programs that draw attendees into pharmaceutical exhibits, help them retain what they learn there and make important customers and employees feel appreciated. The company offers an array of items that fit within the PhRMA guidelines, from personalized patient education pieces, such as flip charts, pocket guides and anatomical models, to more creative items that will specifically target messages and brand marketing. Other promotions, such as fun email ‘greenscreen’ photography, attract and entertain without the delivery of any physical items.

Ardent CEO Trent Poltronetti commented, “After years of industry practice, many medical professionals have come to expect to receive a little something when visiting tradeshow exhibits. Our new offerings satisfy them and help our clients hit their marketing goals, all in a very acceptable manner under the new PhRMA guidelines.”

To learn more, visit Ardent in booth 405 at the Health Care Exhibitors Association tradeshow in Tampa this week or through the contact information below.

About Ardent Impressions Inc.

Ardent Impressions Inc has been helping a wide range of clients build traffic, loyalty and their brand for over 30 years (often under the InstaFotos and West Cost Promotions brands). We are the market leader in on-site personalization; putting names and faces on branded giveaways at tradeshows, corporate and sporting events. Personalizing a gift significantly raises its perceived value and makes it far more likely to be kept. Popular services include photo mementos, laser and diamond-tip engraving, debossing, foil printing and embroidering, all with lead capture, tracking and reporting. All our services are crafted to support and integrate with our client’s larger branding, marketing and sales efforts.


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